What is the difference between anhydrous calcium chloride and calcium chloride

anhydrous calcium chloride

Chemical formula is different, calcium chloride is CaCl2.2h20, anhydrous calcium chloride is CaCl2
Relative molecular mass is different.
When they are dissolved in the same volume of water, the solute mass fraction of calcium chloride is smaller than that of anhydrous calcium chloride ( the mass of CaCl2 is the same, and the mass of crystal water enters the mass of solvent )
Calcium chloride is a salt formed by chloride ions and calcium ions. Anhydrous calcium chloride has strong hygroscopicity and is used as drying agent for various substances. In addition, it is also used as road dust prevention, soil conditioner, refrigerant, water purifying agent and paddle loading agent. It is a widely used chemical reagent, medicine.

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