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What’s the use of calcium chloride

Calcium Chloride
Calcium chloride is commonly used in daily life and industrial fields. Calcium chloride has many uses. Let’re to introduce the eight major uses of calcium chloride:
1.Desiccant: when we buy, there will be a small bag of desiccant in our clothes and shoes. This is to prevent clothes and shoes from getting wet.. Most of this desiccant are made of calcium chloride.
2.Snow removed: in some areas with heavy rain and snow, such as roads and parking lots in many parts of the north. Calcium chloride is used to remove snow and thaw ice.
3.Dehydrating agent: calcium chloride is used as dehydrating agent to produce alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic resin.
4.Fining agent: used as fining agent in aluminum-magnesium metallurgy.
5.Flocculant: used as flocculant for bean products in the food industry.
6.Flame retardant: calcium chloride can be used as flame retardant for textile fabrics
7.Rustproof agent: calcium chloride can be used as pavement dust proof agent
8.Accelerating concrete hardening and improving frost resistance of building mortar.

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