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What Matters to select raw materials for PVC hose?

5  important points include:

sodium silicate

1. The raw materials of PVC hose are required to be pure and prevent cross-contamination during material storage. Because of the presence of impurities and foreign object, it is not only easy to cause internal quality defects of the PVC hose, but also affect the appearance quality of the PVC hose, and may even cause a shutdown accident.

2. The raw materials of the PVC hose should be dried to reduce the moisture and other volatile content in the material, especially the material that is easy to absorb moisture. Not only must be thoroughly dried, but also to prevent re-absorption of moisture during use, so as not to affect the PVC hose transparency and other defects.

3.  The particle size of the raw material of the PVC hose should be uniform, and the powder in the raw material should be screened to prevent uneven heating during plasticization and reduce the gloss of the hose.

4.  Be cautious when changing materials. The same kind of resin and additives may have different properties due to different origins and batch numbers. When changing the material, it is necessary to check and solve the problem in time.

5.  Strictly control the amount of recycled materials added. The higher the proportion of recycled materials mixed, or the more recycled materials used, the bigger the impact on the quality and processing performance of the plastic hose.

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