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Method for improving quality of sodium silicate

sodium silicate

Washing clothes cannot be separated from washing products such as washing powder and washing liquid. Stains on clothes are instantly removed to restore the luster of the clothes. However, as an auxiliary agent for washing products, sodium silicate plays an important role, which makes the washing products melt rapidly in case of water and has better decontamination effect.I don’t know if everyone has encountered such a situation when using washing powder, that is, some washing powder is very difficult to melt in case of water, and it is harder to have the residue. This is because of the use of poor-quality styrofoam.So how can we improve the quality of styrofoam?

First of all, let’s talk about why the dissolution of the sodium silicate is not sufficient and there is a phenomenon of residue. On the one hand, it is the reason for the raw materials.The modulus of solid sodium silicate is different. Generally speaking, those with low modulus are easier to dissolve, the quality is slightly better, and those with higher modulus are harder to dissolve. Therefore, we must increase the pressure and temperature of dissolving sodium silicate to achieve good results. On the other hand is the manufacturer’s problemIn order to save costs, some manufacturers add hot water or very fine quartzite to the produced liquid sodium silicate to increase the weight of water glass.

Methods: the main raw materials of sodium silicate are mirabilite, sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate. The three raw materials are the same in composition.Does not affect use. The difference lies in the content of impurities. Mirabilite has a little more impurities.Impurities in soda ash are very small.Therefore, in order to ensure the quality, we must ensure the pure raw materials for the selected styrofoam. Equipment: the scientific name of equipment for producing liquid sodium silicate is drumming. The drum beats raw materials evenly through continuous rotation.If heated unevenly, the quality of the produced sodium silicate is poor and contains impurities. Therefore, advanced equipment is also a major factor affecting its quality.

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